Display Your Art Properly Then Sell Out At Festivals & Exhibitions

art displays in frames

Though you may think it is easy to properly display your artwork for sale at a festival, the fact is that the process can actually prove rather daunting. The following advice is intended to increase your organization and help you make the most of every art festival you enter.

* Framed art always attracts attention, and therefore such pieces should be a high priority when creating your display.

* Make sure to have a wide array of unframed pieces on hand as well, but make certain to pack them properly.

*Take note of the event’s theme, if any, and try to integrate your art into the concept if possible.

* Offering prints and other products bearing images of your art pieces can be a great way to expand your customer base. Such affordable options can lure those who are unwilling or unable to spend great sums on a given day.

* Try to achieve variety in your display while sticking to a unified overall concept. You may be able to accomplish this just by mixing the types of frames used for your pieces.

* Make certain to bring one show-stopping piece you are confident will draw crowds to your exhibit space. Select something of sufficient size to attract lots of interest from those passing by.

As is also the case with real estate sales, location plays a critical role in success at art festivals. While your work is always the most important thing in determining your ability to sell, location can make or break your outcome on any given day.

However, it is not always apparent which type of location is best. In the end, the best location is the one in which the right type of buyers for your style of art will be concentrated. Try to be in a spot where the customers easily find you so that you do not have to expend too much effort trying to draw them in. If your initial location does not produce results, fear not. There are certainly going to be others areas where your target audience is likely to congregate.

Ayers & Graces offer the sorts of display mounting most exhibitors frequently use, but for those interested in using sleek, modern framing or acrylic frames,  can be a terrific resource. Such modern photo frames are ideal for making your pieces stand out in a distinctive manner.

These suppliers are ideal in that they make buying a wide variety of products extremely convenient and affordable, due to competitive pricing and large inventories.

If inspiration is what you are lacking, consider taking your cues from those who have already achieved the vision you favor. The  Tate Modern Gallery Gallery and similar venues may provide precisely the motivation you need.