Insight Into The Legal & Contractural Side Of Selling Art Works

Contacts Law & Legal Help
As a serious buyer and seller, or maybe just a seller of beautiful works of art you will occasionally come against challenges. These challenges can involve item descriptions, deliver, quality, authenticity and more.

All buying & selling in this country is governed by law, and this is for the protection of both parties. A part of these laws is reserved for Contract law. Contracts do not have to be written down on parchment in indelible ink for them to exist. They do not even have to have been verbalised. If you are unaware of this, you had better read on…

Facts About Consumer And Commercial Contract Law

There is always the existence of contracts whenever services and goods are traded. Majority of business relationships rely on them whether they are explicit or implied.

Despite the existence of contracts, occasional problems do arise. At times, this happens because of misunderstandings or mistakes and at other times occur a s a result of another party’s willing intentions.

Accurate and timely information from experts can help you reduce the damage inflicted and go ahead to ask for compensation.

Contract Law Is Complex

Continued evolution and increased complexity is being witnessed in Contract law. In the recent past, the greatest area of growth has been witnesses in the internet and software related agreements. Despite this, developments have not been isolated to these sectors alone.

The signing of contracts is not limited to a specific number of parties. It can be a customer, partner, agent or even a member of your staff breaching an agreement you have in place.

Implied And Explicit Agreements

Irrespective of whether a contractual agreement is implied or written, the laws still apply. When you are experiencing problems, it is important to claim the higher alternative and receive quick and quality advice.

You should bear in mind that the absence of a written agreement does not mean that the involved parties are not entitled to obligations and responsibilities.

The Merits Of Speaking To A Specialist Barrister.

For successful resolution of such kind of issues, the appropriate advice from a barrister with a comprehensive understanding and is well versed in contractual and commercial law disputes is essential.

My best piece of advice to you is that you should take immediate action. The barrister will look at your case’s details, the lodged arguments and any written contract available. He will give the most ideal recommendations on the procedures to follow in order to get a fruitful resolution.

Get Legal Advice As Fast As Possible.

Instead of going to a solicitor for a referral to a barrister, you can directly contact some barristers for convenience. Through this, you will receive immediate help on what you need. By avoiding unwanted delays, you will be saved from the agony of incurring extra expenses during the referral process.

Who And How To take Action

You should establish immediate contact if:

  • An individual is violating your terms of agreement, whether written or not.
  • You are experiencing problems with an agency, partnership or franchise holder.
  • A supplier has not heeded to his obligations.
  • A customer has not honored his obligations.
  • You need expert opinion on any draft contract.
  • You need to draw up a contract.

If you decide to take action you should contact a legal expert who can help you as simply and cost effectively as possible. One such skill area is that encompassed by barristers. Nowadays they are most often contactable by telephone or email. This never used to be possible, however in 2004 the law changes and since then some barristers have been available via the process of Direct Access . One such person is Stewart Patterson , Contracts law expert, Mediator & Arbiter.  Being an experienced barrister, he is well versed with issues related to contract and commercial law and you can speak to him without obligation.

One final point, if you are unsure of how to proceed, you can always find other sources from the Law Society , Plus for a fuller guide and more thoughts click here: Contract Law