Tips To Identify The Actual Age Of Antique Art

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Many art lovers prefer to have some kind of antique art in their homes. Even though there are many advantages of buying an antique, you need to be perfectly sure that the seller is selling you an actual antique so that you can get value for your money. There are so many fake antique agents in the market who try to make replicas of the original antique art and sell it to you at competent prices. We may only think that we have got more than what we spent for and later realize that we have been cheated. So, it is better to be able to calculate the age of the art so that you can be sure that you are being showed genuine antique stuff. Here are some tips to identify the actual age of antique prints.

· The paper is the first thing that you need to take note of. The type of paper that is used, the method of printing, the signature and maybe even a copyright year. This is not easy to identify by a new art lover. Experienced art lovers and professionals would be able to find this out by seeing and touching the paper. Usually a rough paper with fine line onto it can depict that it was created before the 18th century and the smooth cum brittle ones could be from the 19th century.
· The second important consideration should be the method of printing that was used. With the help of a magnifying glass and view the art through it. if you can see some overlapping in the image, then these are said to be offset prints and could have been made only in the 20th century.
· The third item that has to be looked into is the signature. You can use the internet to find out how the actual signature might look and compare both. Traditionally the signature is at the bottom right corner.
· The last point to consider is the copyright year. The printing of copyright started as early as the 17th century in England and mostly used only after the 19th century. Hence any copyright sign can also be useful in identifying the actual age of the painting.

Considering only one or some of the points mentioned below may not help you in identifying the correct age of the antique. Take notes and make sure that all the points are considered and then a final decision is taken whether to buy the antique or not.

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